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Information about who |INC| are and what we do and rules and guidelines about how to behave on this forum.

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|INC| Statement

Unread postby Grandma » Fri Jun 20, 2008 12:56 pm

First of all, welcome to the INC forum.

We are |INC| Gaming clan

We play a variety of games tho mostly
CounterStrike: Source (CS: Source, CSS)
World of Warcraft (WoW, MMO)

Who are we and what sort of player do we want:

We are a friendly sociable clan who welcome mature and sociable members. Mature need not mean age, its a state of mind! The main goal of this clan is not to take part in lots of matches or competitive play, it is to play as a community, get to know the people in the clan and play with them so that you build up friendships and so that you enjoy talking to a bunch of like-minded people in-game and on the TeamSpeak server.

Time wise you need not be on all the time, or you might! We are looking for people who regardless of the amount of time they can devote to playing CSS/MMO and online would find it more enjoyable to have a group of friends for when they can make it. If you can't always get in-game then just check out the forum and leave some posts, let people know you're around. As far as Recruitment goes, we will recruit from our own servers/guild and will only invite in people we believe that would fit in well with our community ideals. You will be invited to join and you will be expected to register on this forum and post a message in the request to join area. There will not be a vote taken on you like previously, you will be commented on by the person who recruited you and other INC members you know you. Dependent on a number of things you may be accepted there and then or you may be asked to play for a while with us on our servers and post a bit so we get to know you.

The forum is our main hub and method of communication, you are encouraged to talk and post and whatnot. Please respect other people, regardless of their age, sex, race - we don't like discrimination, have a joke and that but don't be mean or take it too far.

Check out the rules in the forum usage guidelines and abide by them please, they're generally common sense anyway.

There are some areas of the forum you can only see if you are a clan member and whatever servers we have clan members will have priority and some privileges on.

The clans servers don't run themselves either, so if you're a member or regular user and you can afford to, please donate something like £2-5 a month to keep things going. However, the clan admins (Grandma, Allstar) will spend plenty of time to make sure everything works and to set things up too. To check out who the forum moderators and admins are you can look at another topic in this section.

This clan values respect and maturity above all other values, we want to be and are a respected clan with moral values. We do not want to conform to your stereotypical CSS player!

Last bumped by Grandma on Fri Jun 20, 2008 12:56 pm.
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