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Discuss our CSS/CS:GO servers here and find out the info about them

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Unread postby Half-bak3d » Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:16 am

Check its not been brought up already!

If you have a suggestion, or something you'd like to see changed about our servers, please take a few moments to skim down the topics and see if it perhaps has already been brought up. If it has, please do not start a new thread, and only post in that topic if you have something NEW to contribute.

Popular suggestions that already have multiple topics:

Alltalk (1) (2)

Blocking/Team-mate-clipping/NoBlock (1) (2)

New Servers:
We have pretty much had requests for most servers (eg. Custom maps, Zombimod, Prison Break, Minigames, deathmatch and many many more) and are looking into potentially adding servers in the future but at this time do not have the resources to do so. If resources become available, it is likely that a discussion will be started on what server mod we'd like to introduce first. Please think long and hard before posting a request for a server as the first response will likely be "not at this time."


I've got a new Idea/problem that no one's talked about!

Great! We love to have everyones input here at INC, and we want you to make the most of this forum, so here's a few pointers to make sure your idea/problem gets the best reception.

1) Topic title. Make it relevant.
"Help" or "suggestion" or "plz" etc, don't really give a clue as to what you want.

"Problem: Server lag on office" or "Idea: Add x map to standard as its one that you need for achievements". will let us know before reading the topic the main point of your post.

2) Give as much detail as possible! The more you can describe/link/show the more informed an opinion we can have, and the more likely we can respond to the idea/issue you've raised.

3) Subscribe to your post, so you can come back and answer further questions and see whats going on with your request!
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